Flame Retardent Forum (temporarily?) removed.

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Flame Retardent Forum (temporarily?) removed.

Postby Kurgan » Thu Aug 12, 2004 2:23 pm

Yes, after a long period, I've decided, "what's the use"?

After all, we haven't seen anything interesting in there really, except the same three people insulting each other rather unoriginally and sporadically over the past three years with the random "goatse" fake link.

But now we've just got people spamming r0m requests and internet personal ads and relationship advice.

What the....

Suffice to say that forum has outlived it's usefulness.

If anyone feels that it should be returned, feel free to create a document explaining why, of not less than 500 words and post it in the main forum. Remember spelling, punctuation and grammar count. Must be in English. Must be original work (not copied and pasted, remember plagiarism is a crime punishable by dismemberment!). Submissions (not 'spam-missions') will be considered in the order of which they were recieved by merit(s) on a case by case basis, with no guarentees whatsoever!
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