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Postby netham » Sat Dec 11, 2004 10:52 pm

If anybody has any good FrontEnds for the server config file, Please post them. I have written one and will try to figure out how to post it. Go to to download it. Thank you.
Edit:Just so you know, a FrontEnd is a program that controlls an ASCII text-only configuration file. To run this, you also need the Visual Basic 3 runtime files... I Know it's old stuff, but I'm 13... :lol: Image

Postby Mystiq » Sun Dec 12, 2004 12:42 pm

A while back I wrote a generalized ini editor. I've forgotten about it, but occasionally I remember it. It started out as an editor just for Final Burn but it quickly grew when I noticed that it wouldn't be hard to make it work for any ini.

In retrospect, it could use an enhancement (or a rewrite): all ini file data is stored in one file. If you have a thousand entries, this file gets big and the search time gets long.

I added the entries to the required files for FBConfig if you're interested.

ServerName text|Server name
URL text|Server website
Location text|Server location
MaxUsers text|Maximum users
Port text|Port number
Public combo 0,1|Public Server
IP text|Alternate public IP
FloodMsgNb text|Flood message count
FloodMsgTime text|Flood message time
MinPing text|Minimum ping
MaxConnSet combo disabled,bad,low,average,good,excellent,lan|Maximum Connection
MotdLine text|Message of the day line
AllowWebAccess combo 0,1|Enable web server

ServerName The name of this server
URL The URL of this server (if there is one)
Location Where this server is located
MaxUsers Maximum number of users allowed
Port Port number for this server
Public Yes to on to broadcast this server's information to the master server
IP Specify an IP address to bind to
FloodMsgNb Flood message count
FloodMsgTime Flood message time
MinPing Minimum ping needed to connect to this server
MaxConnSet Maximum Connection allowed by users
MotdLine Message of the day line
AllowWebAccess Enable web server

The program apparently is severely bugged and will not save files properly. You'd need to fix that if you attempt to use it. :) As far as I'm concerned, it's a dead project though so happy fixing.
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How it writes

Postby netham » Mon Dec 13, 2004 5:57 pm

What it does is it runs the batch(.bat) files with the pramaters which then use an Echo Setting=Choice >/>> Kaillera.conf so you need everything in the same shape as in the .Zip file for it to work. Just make a new directory to uncompress it to and it should work. I know that it is basic, but I am not a very skilled programmer...

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