New Site Resources for Updated Clients & Servers

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New Site Resources for Updated Clients & Servers

Postby Kurgan » Sun May 15, 2005 1:37 am

Note: These are unofficial efforts (ie: not done by Christophe) to create improved clients and servers for kaillera play (primarily related to Mame, but not excluding others).

Check out the following links:

Moosehead of the forums runs this page which has for awhile run a test server and now has released a beta version of their kaillera server replacement. This is meant to be a fully compatible server that provides new features and fixes not included in the last official kaillera server file (see the main page). It's still in development, so it needs your feedback, testing and support. But it looks very promising at this point.
This site is a resource designed to promote projects like the above and HKailleraV5. It provides some nice mirrors and links to download the files needed to play Mame32 games online, very useful and helpful. Until Christophe starts updating the download links on the main page, this is essential for finding those updated clients and server builds.

Check out these pages and please spread the links on to your friends and let people know in the various Kaillera server hubs about them (one nice way is to post the link when you enter and leave the link as your "exit" message).

While many people seem resistant to changes in Mame32k (for whatever reasons) there are also many who support improving and enhancing these programs for the greater enjoyment of all involved. So let's help them out anyway we can!
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