New Kaillera.......... NOT!!!!

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New Kaillera.......... NOT!!!!

Postby Mc2 » Fri Jan 18, 2008 4:52 pm

Well I must say 2 years of production for an application as small as kaillera is not a good sign I got to show my pessimistic side now and say that
I don't think their will be a new kaillera and if by some miracle the new owner does release some thing other then plans for a logo.... how does he plan on maintaing it? if mame devs change source constantly we will need someone on the ball to keep things working and 2 years between updates isn't a good sign
.... just my 2 cents of complaints. For those of you hoping for for a new kaillera just take the next 2 years studying some programming language and write one your self it really isn't that hard and most languages have have the stuff written for you in the std and other libraries
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Re: New Kaillera.......... NOT!!!!

Postby Kurgan » Sat Jan 19, 2008 4:09 pm

Well adding Kaillera support to new versions of UImame (formerly known as Mame32, itself a port of mame to the windows OS) is not such a big deal, since it's always been maintained by various people unconnected with Kaillera itself (or even this website).

As of now there's nobody that I know of that is adding kaillera support to new versions of UImame (the last version released that I know of was Mame32 plus plus .119, and then that project officially went defunct). That doesn't mean someone couldn't pick up the banner right now and do so.

But yes, Kaillera itself hasn't seen a new release in going on five years now. Neither the server nor the client code has been updated officially.

Sure, you have various free projects that have tried to re-create or reverse engineer kaillera type functions, but most of those two are either as slow in development or also defunct.

I agree... The world is waiting on Etai Hugi to release something that's actually usable.

Kudos to him for bring the forums back up to speed, demonstrating interest and gratitude to the remaining fans, and the logo thing, but yes, people are fast losing faith in him since it's been years since we've seen anything, despite repeated promises of releases "soon."

I recall we were supposed to have a new release back in November, but nothing came of it. There were no releases at all in 2007, in fact. Now we're already half way through January with nothing new being said.

I for one would like to know what's going on, but unless Etai volunteers that information, we're all in the dark here... including the site staff, unfortunately.

I wish I had better news to share!
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