Information about affordable dental treatmentin Sh

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Information about affordable dental treatmentin Sh

Postby alexqqjones » Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:45 pm

The Shenzhen visa, which gives visitors five day access to the city of the Shenzhen, is a great way to take a peek at China. Once you have everything, go down the stairs and fill out the Chinese entry form before heading to one of the border agents. Once you're there, they will take away part of the arrival card and part of the departure card, which you will keep until leaving the country.
The Lok Ma Chau - Huanggang Crossing is the only Shenzhen border crossing that operates 24 hours a day. It is one of the most popular crossings for people travelling by coach buses, taxis, and private cars. Unlike the Lok Ma Chau - Futian Crossing, the Huanggang Crossing does not have a connected MTR/Metro system and is mainly for ground transportation travellers. The big drawback about the Lok Ma Chau - Huanggang Crossing is that the two immigration offices are separated by a fairly long road/bridge. When arriving at this checkpoint, you will have to get off at the Hong Kong Immigration building and go through Hong Kong Customs. Once done that, you will have to buy a ticket and take a yellow shuttle bus to the China Immigration building. The shuttle ride is roughly 7 minutes long. After clearing China Customs, you will exit the building and try to get a taxi in the taxi queue.
There are 5 floors of shopping! The place is huge and full of small booths selling masses of bags, watches, phones and every sort of electronics, jewelery etc you can imagine. The preferred currency is the RMB but you can use HK dollars here as well. Bargain hard and don't worry about walking away as the shops repeat themselves on every level. You will get more choice here than in Hong Kong. Lots of people from Hong Kong come here to get clothes made and if you get hungry there are restaurants.
It is not possible to renew, extend a visa or change into another type. However, if you want to spend more time here, want a multiple entry, or need to have a different type, you can - in many circumstances - apply within China. The procedure is very similar to applying outside through Chinese embassy, but you must go to the Public Security Bureau (PSB) Exit and Entry Administration office for the municipality where you will be 'resident' on the night following the submission of the application. Smaller centers might not have good English speakers so it is a good idea to take a Chinese friend with you if you can. Ask at international hotels if you are not sure where the PSB Exit and Entry Administration office is.
The new Stock Connect will be similar to the existing Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, which was launched in late 2014. Investors in Hong Kong will be able to buy Shenzhen-listed stocks, including many prominent technology and consumer names in the mainland. In return, Chinese investors will have access to shares listed in Hong Kong.
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