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Re: Kaillera Hacks

Postby Heinster » Sun Jan 18, 2004 5:33 pm

Aaron wrote:I'm in the planing process of developing Kaillera hacks.

If Kaillera is not updated, then server admins should have access to hacks that provide extra features to Kaillera, such as:

  • anti-close hack
  • curse filter & ban hack
  • ip logging & ban hack
  • gamers ratings system (similar to Yahoo! Games)
  • allow jump into game hack
  • microphone/headset chat hack

I need more ideas.

Well I gave some a while back but here goes:

-Tournament opton in which the winner takes on a winner of another match

-Option for others to watch directly or indirectly with a tournament board on which outsiders can see who won and who not.

-Let people just start up kaillera and let them be able to join any game they like with just joining.... So the correct emulator automaticly runs without the bs of needing to close the emulator andstarting up another and finding your way back to the righ server.

-Being able to give users good or badpoints so people can ban them (need to be atleast 15 badpoints given by different indiviuals) Unlockable by moderators only.....

-Automatic setting for latency(optional for moderators)... When someone with a high ping enters automaticly set to slow or someone fast too very good....

-Login options for small communities
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Postby Kwaza » Mon Jan 19, 2004 11:53 am

Dont you people check into the chit chat area of the forums. If you guys go here, (Sticky: The post you were looking for...) you can see that there is already another project to hack or as i call it, an upgrade to kaillera. They are in the process of making kaillera run even smoother and then adding features that will help us keep kaillera from dying. If we get another hack for kaillera, it will just cause even more havok as their is already enough versions of kaillera running around. I would rather support these guys cause seem to know what they are doing pretty good. Just keep that in mind.
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Postby isamu » Mon Jan 19, 2004 12:02 pm

Can I get a link to this "chit chat" thread you're referring to?
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