A damn fine idea! Multiple trackers! Compile on the fly!

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A damn fine idea! Multiple trackers! Compile on the fly!

Postby toqer » Sun Oct 26, 2003 12:28 pm

I think kaillera needs to granulated more. It would make it easier for people with like emulators to find each other. (well impossible for people with different emulators to even meet)

Kaillera could use a key pair passphrase for each emulator. The emu author could type in the passphrase through some stupid PHP or ASP script. Then the site would automagically generate a custom client/server, inserting the keypair into the kailleraclient.dll and the kaillerasrv.

There should be a tracker for every emulator out there too. So I guess at the same time it would have too create a new tracker for each emu.

You could still have regular old kaillerasrv that accepts any emu, but then there would be servers dedicated to certain emu's too in this model since the custom compiled servers would block anything that didn't recieve the passphrase from the kaillera client.

I don't know. I just want too see emu authors get interested in kaillera again. I don't know if granulating things would give them more incentive to integrate kaillera with their emu. I think it definetly would for the commercial emu's out there, even indi game developers that wouldn't want the netplay their customers pay money for to be shared with all the capcom fanboys.

Somewhere around on this site it says when a kaillera client connects it says "h3ll0 d00d". Just let the emu authors decide what that passphrase should be.
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