Mame32k PlusPlus (107) Released!

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Mame32k PlusPlus (107) Released!

Postby Kurgan » Sun Aug 06, 2006 12:37 pm

A friend online introduced me to a new Mame32k build, which is current as of .107!

You can view the page here (sadly not in english):

Direct download:

A few things bother me about this new release though... one, it lacks the kailleraclient.dll (why do so many Mame32k guys leave out the DLL??).

Grab it here (or from a previous mame32k release):

(first link)

Second it reflects the fact that in .107 MameDev (not the authors of Mame32k plusplus) have REMOVED both hiscore.dat support (you have to use save states and reload to get your score saved in these games, which is super duper annoying and rarely works properly), and scanline options.

That's right, all you can do now is use those silly SuperSAI and 2X Eagle type things.

Don't get me wrong, if you like those options, that's cool, but none of them are even close to making the game look like it's being played on a TV or arcade monitor. I liked the interpolated 50% (or 75%) scanlines and blit effect options because they made my LCD computer monitor display the games and yet look a lot more like an arcade monitor would.

That and it got rid of the pixels in so many games. I always disliked playing it just "vanilla" or just with a thin bit of anti-aliasing over the top.

Sure, people might argue, these scanline effects take up more memory. Yes, but if you've got a decent video card (mine is OLLLD and they work fine) that should be no problem. Plus you get a CHOICE.

So rather than just making the image fuzzier, you can put in the RGB stuff or you can put in horizontal or vertical scanlines.

Sorry for the rant, great job to these guys whoever they are who made this. But I think Buddhateam or somebody else should step in, and with the .106 or .107 source, give us a version of Mame32k that has the hiscore.dat support AND scanline/rgb blit effects again in the latest mame source.

AND include the emulinker and latest kailleraclient.dll files!

Any takers? ;)

I really want to be able to play Streets of Rage II (Mega Play) online (which the latest HKaillera can't do) and X-Men (6 Players) with the huge widescreen!
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Mame32k PlusPlus 107 Released

Postby m.danielSag » Tue Sep 13, 2016 12:26 am

So does anyone want to meet up with me on kaillera to test games with this version of mame?

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