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Postby {dArK eLUsiON} » Sun Aug 08, 2004 4:41 pm

Just emailed Chris a great site with loads of ROMS. I thought everyone would know about this by now, but i guess not. Heres a great site (dont worry about voting, it doesnt corrupt the file), its called ROMNATION. Anyway, heres the direct link to MAME roms:

And direct links to the KOF roms:

KOF 94: ... 4-The.html

KOF 95: ... set-1.html

KOF 96: ... set-1.html

KOF 97: ... set-1.html

KOF 99: ... otype.html

KOF 2000: ... 0-The.html

{dArK eLUsiON}

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