Question I've been wondering for over a year...

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Question I've been wondering for over a year...

Postby guest » Sat Aug 07, 2004 8:56 am

how do you use the zoom feature on the new mames? on mame .64 i would just go to the visual options and click on the zoom 2x and every single game would be the right size to play online, not too big and not too small. On the new mame's, (like mame32k more) this doesnt seem to work. Plus it seems neogeo games have their own settings etc and not every game wants to obey the default settings.... I could never get hardware stretching zoom 2x + to work on the new mames... so... how do i do it?

Postby MGdaGR8 » Sun Sep 12, 2004 1:59 pm

hmmmm... i remember i had this problem when i first started with mame 84u3. I think what i did was had to use direct3d in order for it to work. not sure though, was a while ago.
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