MAME32k 0.90 (Plus 49 Games Included) Pack!!!

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Postby Kitsune » Mon Apr 18, 2005 4:26 am

Can someone please reseed the 1st t0rr3nt pack? Everyone is stuck at 73.8%. Thanks in advance!

Postby riratm » Sun May 08, 2005 12:15 am

Can someone pleas reseed MAME32k 0.90 (Plus 49 Games Included) pleas everyone is stuck at 55.3 thank you so much ^____^

Postby riratm » Sun May 08, 2005 7:41 pm

riratm wrote:Can someone pleas reseed MAME32k 0.90 (Plus 49 Games Included) pleas everyone is stuck at 55.3 thank you so much ^____^

PS: or the repack ethier t0rr3nt pleas?

Postby GhottaBe » Mon May 09, 2005 6:17 pm

Can someone PLEASEEEEEEEEE! seed please me and like 8 other people are stuck at 78.5% thanks in advance.

Postby yukio » Mon May 09, 2005 8:35 pm

Yeah I'm stuck at 78.5% as well .. :( If someone could please seed, I'd really appreciate it.. and I'll be seeding constantly w/e im not playing a game :p
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Postby GhottaBe » Mon May 09, 2005 8:40 pm

Can Someone please SEED me and lots of other people are stuck at 75.8% i know your not obligated to but please seed.

Postby yukio » Mon May 09, 2005 9:37 pm

I've been uploading 45-60 kb/s for over an hour now, but no dl :(.. could someone with the full file plz seed? it would help us out so much, plz, thanks
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Postby GhottaBe » Mon May 09, 2005 9:43 pm

Yeah Just seed until me or a few other people finish the file and then we'll seed and bring the file back and let other people download it

Postby yukio » Mon May 09, 2005 10:08 pm

yeah guys we hafta keep this file alive :D

edit: guys I uploaded 1.04 GB yesterday of this file, yet still at 78.5%.. I know how hard it is to get this file and once I get it I am going to seed daily.. but pls.. someone with the full file can you just seed for 21.5%, it's not even 300 mb and have cable connection :(.. ah well, gl to the rest of you guys.. if you want the asian version of the emulator which I have, as well as samurai shodown 5 with fatality, I can send it to you over AIM, my screenname is: YukioStar
But plz, someone seed this t0rr3nt! :(
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I'm stuck with 2003 at 84%

Postby Blood talon » Thu May 12, 2005 11:18 am

Please help.and the funny thing is i only need 3 files from this archive.The oders from my arhive are working.yeap the p1,p2,s1 files
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Postby yukio » Thu May 12, 2005 10:39 pm

I'm at 99% with 11 MB remaining.. it was going at 200 kb/s so whoever was seedings I really appreciate it.. when my file finishes I'll seed for a really long time ;p
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Postby Andre » Fri May 13, 2005 3:06 am

mame 90 is just a waste none is using it for online play.. what's the point of learning the emulator with 49 games if noone helps each other on the kaillera server isnt that the truth?????? i ask along time ago how do you play neogeo roms and noone help me... what makes you think that everyone is going to learn how to work mame 90 with 49 games.... you get my point????
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Postby Kurgan » Sun May 15, 2005 1:21 am

There is nothing to "learn" with a new version of Mame.

Everything is pretty much the same. Mame32 barely changes from one version to the next, all that changes is internal, ie: stuff the average gamer
doesn't notice.

The reason to upgrade is that emulation IMPROVES.

That is the games are more ACCURATE to how they were in arcades.

Many games even run better than before. Now some will argue that older emulators that hack games for speed work well for people with slower older computers so they can run these games that they otherwise could not. I can't argue with that, except that even my comp is considered "mid range" and it can run all of the online Multiplayer games that are playable in Mame32 just fine.

I mean what are these people using, pentium II's? And why do they whine when they "have to" download a new mame32k, even one that's almost 10 megs in size? Yet they willingly download the latest KOF2kX, SVC or SSIV hack that's over 40 megs each...? Hypocrites. These folks can't all be stuck with 56k!

These same folks will whine and complain that they "have to" download the latest for their roms to work or whine when they "have to" download a new copy of some SNK game because the romsets evolved (that's mame for ya). We've all been there man, if you want your arcade game romsets frozen go use Kawaks or Nebula. They only support the games you ever play anyway (CPS/2 & NeoGeo).

These folks who needlessly bash non-.64 mame32k's seem really insecure to me. They are afraid that if they let any new version catch on or be popular that their community will be threatened, that they will be "forced" to (*gasp*) download a new emulator and a couple new roms! Oh the horrors...

On the one hand they say "NOBODY WILL EVER UPGRADE TO YOUR STUPID NEW VERSIONS!" but then they waste their time and energy attacking non-.64 versions everywhich way they can, as if they are desperate... that without their venom and bile being spewed everywhere their .64 elitest community will disappear and they will no longer be able to declare themselves "KING OF FITERZ 2005!!!111" while accusing their opponents of "hacking."


Why ask for help in a thread like this? Try another forum devoted to help or start a new topic specifically. This thread is about people grabbing download links mostly after all. How can you expect somebody to sort through the entire thing and help you with an off-topic problem? Seriously.

If you're asking about the posted t0rr3nt links, fine, but if you're asking for help with the emulator or something, there's better places to ask that question where it has a much greater chance of being seen by somebody who actually cares, much less one who will reply to you with a helpful answer. And people do try to help, it's not our fault that everything we suggest doesn't work for you, sorry...

Incidentally, I think the powers that be would be a bit upset about packaging roms together with an emulator like this (mamedev especially). It doesn't take much to seperate them, but then with the B.T. crowd it's typical to make up a huge multi-gig file and call it "1000 Mame games t0rr3nt" or something.

So anyway, let's just say you assume any risks there yourself... ! ;)

As to why people won't upgrade, that's anyone's guess. People are bound and determined to use an outdated and inferior version of mame32k like .64 until doomesday. They whine "I won't upgrade because then I won't be able to play anyone, it will desynch!"

That crappy defeatist attitude, being widespread simply perpetuates the situation. If more people were willing to TRY a new and better version, which actually ADDS multiplayer games (from .64 to .96u1 you have a lot of new games added, multiplayer games even) and improves existing ones.

So yes, if this is a serious question for you, by all means DON'T upgrade. You'll fit in perfectly with the existing herd of ".64 'till I die" fanboys playing their Capcom & KOF Vs. Fighters and bragging about their skillz. You'll be in good company.

Anyway, anytime I want to play I only need to convince a handfull of people to update and I can have a game. Soon the server will be improved and we can start moving on to better things. Maybe then more people will open up to the possibility of upgrading.

Sorry for the rant, but everytime somebody starts whining about upgrading being this ultimate evil I have to step in with some doses of reality. Where were these people when Kaillera was first starting out? If they were around then they'd all still be using version .1.
Set your mojob mame color in display to match your stupid ass desktop color to avoid black screen in netplay, fukaz. t(';'t -TFR, AD 2-20-02
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Postby Rockafeller » Wed Jun 01, 2005 10:39 am

Looking for a re-seed of the emu +49 games. Been at 82.something percent for a couple days now, and sharing what I can with others obviously but nobodies going to complete it until someone with 100% is kind enough to jump back on. Help us out :)

And to the poster above, yeah there's no problem upgrading - so long as you keep your old emulator around. Often times you'll get a new emulator, and try to load up games only to find that it requires more files now, or you're using a version that the new one doesn't support. Real pain in the arse sometimes - esp with hard to find games. Which is why I'm trying to get this 49 game pack :D.

In a perfect world I would only need one emulator, but even after I get this there's still 10 titles I have that I will have to find some way to use. I didn't notice RotD as one of the 49, or the first Metal Slug. etc....

I'm never hesitant to upgrade myself, I just keep my old ones handy, have 3 different MAME emu's on hand and 2 neo-geo ones so I can play what I can of the games I have.
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Postby gurida » Fri Jun 03, 2005 2:13 am

Can someone tell me if its normal that my download rate is very low, i've never had a download rate so low, i'm downloading inbetween 5/10 KBs ?

Also, what is "seeds" & why is there no seeds connected ?

Thanks in advance guys


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