EKMAME v0.100 Binary

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EKMAME v0.100 Binary

Postby MuleWax » Sun Nov 13, 2005 4:21 pm

I found out that EKMAME v0.100 is out and i want 2 try it but i cant understand the korean page so i dunno how to download it :-? The site is http://cafe.naver.com/emulk.cafe
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Postby mai » Fri May 19, 2006 7:37 pm

still asking for registration (or something, I don't know exactly, 'cos don't know korean), only CN and TW versions are available... anybody knows what's wrong?.. any suggestions, how to make an account on this site (I've tried, but it said something in korean ;))?..

PS here said, that there no need of registration for emulator downloading viewtopic.php?t=4550

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