Ovulation calculator and planning to have a Boy

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Ovulation calculator and planning to have a Boy

Postby Merrill » Thu Dec 06, 2018 7:50 am

Most couples wish for having a little baby boy that this baby boy can carry on the family legacy. Even there are a various couple who imagine getting pregnant with a boy first then a girl. Even there is a tradition for some cultures to have a baby boy when they have a baby girl they looked upon as a disgrace.

When you want to get pregnant then you should know about the best ovulation days. An ovulation calculator predicts your ovulation days and also when you most likely to fertile.

What is an Ovulation calculator?

An ovulation calculator is a most simple tool through which you can easily determine your date of ovulation, or the estimated day when you could ovulate. When you came to know about these predictions then you will easily plan your fertility and there is lots of possibility of getting pregnant. If you have problems with conceiving, Ovulation calculator for baby boy helps you most likely to conceive. You should have a regular menstrual cycle and cycle length to get the approximate result from ovulation calculator.

Either way, having a boy is possible with these easy techniques.


This is an assumption that the mother should be eating healthy to ensure the health of her bay.  However, there are various couples asked that why they need to start this phase before pregnancy. Keep in mind that the food that you eating will influence your body’s PH level, this ultimately defines the gender of your baby. A woman’s vaginal pH level is acidic either alkaline. If you want to conceive a baby boy, you should eat the foods that make your pH alkaline. An alkaline pH is significant because an acidic pH level going to kill the sperm carrying your boy’s gene. That’s why your junior guy never had a chance form the beginning.


Therefore, give these little guys the best chance possible to reach, penetrate, and fertilize the egg by having intercourse as close as possible to your ovulation.

Obviously, you will enjoy while calculating ovulation. This can be a tedious phase, so the easiest method to use an Ovulation calculator for a boy, it is less time-consuming and shows the approximate result. You will come to know about your best ovulation days through an ovulation calculator. When ovulating for a boy, you and your partner need to start sexual intercourse the day before or during the ovulation period. The sperm is fast little swimmers that carrying your boy’s gene, but regrettably, they live just for a very short time.


Means you have been eating foods that make your pH alkaline and calculated your ovulation, so the time comes to have intercourse. You and your partner should perform intercourse during the ovulation days to conceive a little boy. However, during this, not just any position should take place, because the sperm holding the boy genes live for a very short time, keep in mind it reaches, penetrates, and makes sure that it fertilizes the egg before it gone dies off. You should use the position that decreases the distance from the egg. Therefore, you and your partner focus on the positions that allow deep penetration. Rear-entry positions will also work, but this depends on you and your height partner’s height.   
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