Emulator downloads: (You need this if you want to join/play on Kaillera servers)

- Mame32 Plus Plus v0.119 (10.9Mb).
- Mame32 Plus Plus v0.119 Source code (0.9Mb).
- Mame32 Plus Plus v0.119 Folder Package (0.9Mb).

Older emulators:
- Mame32 v0.67 (0414)+Kaillera client v0.9 (2.9Mb).
- Mame32 v0.67 (0414)+Kaillera client v0.9 (Pentium Pro optimized) (2.7Mb).
- Mame32 v0.67 source code (845kb).

This MAME32k version is maintained by The Fucking Rabbit.

Kaillera client v0.9 is compatible with Kaillera server v0.85.
Also, a couple of other MAME32k versions can be found here.

Kaillera server downloads: (You need this if you want to create a Kaillera server)

Developers downloads: (You need this if you want to enable your application to access Kaillera servers)

Other emulators supporting Kaillera:

- MameLang32+ (MAME32 with lots of features added)
- Bliss (Intellivision emulator)
- NESten (NES emulator)
- Jnes (NES emulator)
- Nemu64 (Nintendo 64 emulator)
- Modeler (Sega System 32 emulator)
- Gens (Sega Megadrive emulator)
- WinUAE (Amiga emulator)
- PCAE (Atari 2600 emulator)
- Kawaks (CPS1, CPS2 and NeoGeo emulator)

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